Oregorger kill video!

Ezekiah a posted Feb 20, 15

Yea, fuck Hygeiah or whatever his name is!

Blackhand had me deceived for a while. Please note, this video was not approved by myself or the officers and is not an official representation of the guilds views on crabs, 18 second intros, or horrific noises seemingly intent on deterring any potential viewers.

Anabolik yea instead of crabs we should just have a lens flare intro followed by some trance.
Erishkigal a Pretty sure that Damage Taken meter is a call out.
dankestbuds a I'm pretty sure it's safe to say that everyone in Availed either loves or has crabs.

Well this was a bucket of aids, but he's dead!

Erishkigal a 2/9/14, the prophecy
dankestbuds a Ezekiah 2/6/2015: "Jimmy: [...] You rarely make a mistake mechanically [...]" Jimmy 2/9/2014: Cancels evocati ...

The video for our first kill of Imperator is up. Enjoy!