Boomkins and Hunters

make Mystic Blasthand so fun

cuz starfall and fox.

- Haiku by Jimmy

And now some words from the true pillar of Availed, Rykun:

I didn't really get to experience much, but in the end all I can really say about the tier is that sometimes shit happens, and who are you gonna call?
but really, I traveled the US, and came back just in time to hear about the pain that was Blackhand, it's hilarious that Mythic was supposed to be a difficulty that was tuned with the idea of having at least one of every class, perhaps two, but honestly, 4-5 hunters, and a bajillion moonkins? XD NICE TUNING. Here's to actually raiding next tier! - Ryqt

p.s. comic sans is the best

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Look at how well we do when Hygeiah isn't in the raid.

Mythic Iron Maidens video!

Ezekiah a posted Mar 20, 15

We just needed our pillar to beat his.